Faisal Mubarak Shaikh

Rags to Riches

The best thing about us humans is that we can change our circumstances and destiny with our power
and ability. We can turn calamity into prosperity if we wish to or struggle for it, as the famous saying

If you are born poor, that is not your fault, but if you die poor, it is!

We are not supposed to stay in a condition for ages and do nothing about it. We can turn the tables
around. With hard work and consistency changing your financial situation is not impossible. There are
many examples where people changed from being homeless to becoming a millionaire. All that matters
is your commitment, determination, and targeted efforts to make that break thorough.
Sometimes you won’t see any results or want to give up and stay where you are, but those are the times
that need the most effort. Believe in your heart that I am going to make it! And you will!
There would hardly be anyone who doesn’t know Harry Potter. The writer and creator of that
masterpiece novel, JK Rowling, was a poor, depressive woman who was prone to suicide. But she chose
not to, and even after her manuscript got rejected several times, she tried again and again. Hence we
have her result of determination and belief in herself in our hands as the book of Harry Potter that is
hard to put down until you finish it!
When he came to the US, the world-famous singer Ed Sheeran had no money or place to live. He was
homeless, working in small bars and playing music. Somehow Jamie Foxx saw him, and he got a chance
to perform at Apollo Theater in New York and from where his good fortune began. Furthermore,
examples like Steve Jobs, who was a college dropout because he could not afford the fee but ended up
establishing an empire like Apple, or Del Vecchio living in an orphanage and then working as factory
labor to become the owner of Ray-ban and Oakley. Halley Berry residing in a shelter for the homeless to
get an Oscar are all examples of what your vision and hard work can do to your life.
The first thing to believe is that you won’t stay in the same place or condition forever. Adversity, failure,
or poverty are real, but they are not there to be permanent. If you see what you can do in the future if
you dream big, bigger than your circumstances, then whatever comes your way or hurdle you have to
face, you are unstoppable, and you will make it!
What I learned from life is that you have to get your vision lens right. Doing something great is
impossible if you only see small successes or have mini goals. As it’s said
A person doesn’t fail because of aiming too high and missing but because they aim too low and hit!
We are living the life of mediocrity, working for some bucks and tiring ourselves for ages but not
attempting to break the stereotype and live our dream. I had a good-paying job in the US, and if I
wanted to, I would have stayed there my whole life. But I won’t be able to start my own company or
earn as much as possible. So I took the risk to return to Pakistan and launch my own Real Estate
Company. Hence, here I am as a successful realtor in UAE and Pakistan instead of being just some
competent employee in a US real Estate company!
One thing you should remember is that success is not overnight. You will fail and face hardships. But
what will make you strive is that you must have the courage to fall 100 times and stand back 101st. Also,
with the social media hype and some trends, you might be able to get followers and customers at the
start, but that won’t last long if you don’t change. So when you invest all your energy and money in
something, make sure it is of taste, and you can excel. There are many businesses and fields that must
be trending, but blindly following the crowd may lead to guaranteed failure. Check the market capacity,
discuss with some experts, and then get committed to that startup.
Also, the feasibility and longevity of the idea matter a lot too. So a trending product or field might get
you good profit initially, but it will recede over time. So make sure the area or idea you are pursuing is
reliable enough to invest in with your whole life’s effort and worth taking the risk. For example, during
the COVID times, online businesses had a massive boom. From clothes delivery to grocery, people
wanted to order at home. So many people entered the online delivery business, but only a few got
success. Because it was not everybody’s cup of tea and managing such a business, on-time delivery,
offering attractive rates and discounts needed market knowledge, networking, and marketing. That was
tough to get instantly.
Moreover, before you plan to jump into the entrepreneurial race, make sure to have enough funds to
start the initial work. Don’t just take a loan and invest without thinking. You should save while working
in a similar industry and get experience and market understanding. Even if you have a high-paying job,
don’t splurge. With small saving funds and side investments, you will be able to acquire enough seed
funding to start your business and attract more investors to it. When I planned to create a real estate
business, I first worked for some years in a US real estate company, gained market knowledge, learned
public dealing and marketing skills, and then invested my life’s savings in the business.
In addition, if you want to change your circumstances and attain more than you ever dreamt, then make
sure you save a lot. Most people spend all their earnings on shopping, luxuries, or other stuff. Have fun
in life and enjoy but don’t show off or overspend. If you start saving from the beginning, you will have
multiple funds and a secure account for the crisis. Spend for your happiness and comfort, not to impress
people around. Mark Zuckerberg or Steve jobs never wore any branded clothes. Because they don’t
have to show off that they are rich, their net worth is enough to tell that.
Also, be consistent in your efforts and activities, train your mind to think big, and dream high. Be
committed to your goals; no matter what comes your way, don’t give up. Believe that you have
greatness within you. You can do anything in life and achieve whatever you want to.
Apart from all the personal effort and training, don’t forget your loved ones. Connect to them, and give
your 100 percent in your relationships because human minds are wired that way. If you are happy and
content inside, you can struggle as hard as you can. Change the depressive mindset, and build a positive
and strong personality. Have some personal values that you won’t compromise, no matter what.
Your business is your reflection, so if you are visionary, honest, and positive, it will be the same. Believe
in yourself, that you are great and can create an impact in the world, and trust my words. You will see
that happening!
So whether you are stuck in a delivery job or washing dishes right now, it’s not your destiny. You can be
as successful and as wealthy as you want to be. But that will take effort and time, work on yourself,
enhance your skills, and learn more and more. Learning is not about degrees, reading books, watching
helpful videos, and attending character-building seminars. Know about your potential and the market
you want to conquer. All of this will lead you to the path of success. And maybe someday, somebody will
be telling your success story of turning from rags to riches on platforms like these.
Bring out the magic inside you and make all your dreams come true!