Faisal Mubarak Shaikh

What’s a Winner’s Attitude?

Executing any task without distinction is not that much appreciated, but if you accomplish that task as a winner or champion, that is an outstanding achievement and is highly appreciated. However, you need to adopt a champion’s mindset to become a champion. I believe that if you are reading this article, you must have gone through school, college, or university. And, you must have seen three categories of students. I will classify these categories based on the results, not on the background or anything else. Because that doesn’t actually matter. Some students fail in their class, and you will be surprised when you ask about their attitude about these failures; when they say that it’s no big deal, they will pass next time, this is the worst mentality. Then, in the second category, there are students who score average marks on every mark, saying that this is enough for them to survive. This is also not the attitude of a champion. Then, you will find the third category of students, who always pass their exams with distinction. And, if they didn’t get recognition for some reason, their attitude becomes more decisive for the following exams, and they prove themselves next time. This is called the attitude of a winner. If you are just trying to kill time in schools and universities with zero motivation to do something special, then you will bear the consequences of having a such attitude. I am not criticizing those students who didn’t top their classes and are still flourishing. I am merely classifying the types of attitudes we observe in our society. I took schools and colleges as examples to show that positive and winning attitude in any field. Maybe a student who fails in class shows his positive interest in some other area and is best in that field. If this thing grabs your interest a little bit, and you want to learn more about winning attitude, and you want to know how a person can develop his/her attitude to do something distinctive in life, then come along with me.

I, Faisal Shaikh, am running a successful real estate business in Islamabad, Pakistan. My attitude developed after a lot of bad experiences and after learning lessons from the difficulties of life. I studied MBA and worked at Nestle in the USA for 5 years. Then I joined the family business; after some time, I left and worked at MHM Real Estate in the USA. And at that time, I build my interest and attitude toward this business. I did that job for 5 years and came to Pakistan with an attitude to become successful in the Real Estate Business. And I am standing right today due to my positive attitude. When I started working as a realtor in the USA, I aimed to learn and implement that skill to build my own business. Now, let me explain some key aspects of developing a winning attitude toward anything applicable in any field of life. Even though you can adopt this attitude to win in the game of life. But every person has their own definition of life. So, I will not go into that detail.

I want you to stop reading this text for 1 minute, and I want you to think about your life, habits, liking, and dislikes that you acquire at present and then compare them to the practices, preferences, and dislikings you owned 5 years ago. And, if you feel any difference, congratulations, you grew up in the last 5 years. Now, implement this way of thinking in your professional career. Are you in the same position you were in 2 years ago? And, if it is the same, you need to change your attitude and think about those factors that stopped you from growing. I believe you will find the answer. And, if you did, start working on that thing. Because growth is a thing that gives you a sense of accomplishment and develops a positive attitude.

Hope and optimism seem to have the same meanings, but I don’t think so. If you are a person of faith, you will always seek hope in God. Anything you do in your life, you give it your best, but in the end, you leave it to your faith, and you say that I am done from my side. Now you hope for the results in a better way. And, you seek your faith as hope. Being a Muslim, I believe in Allah, and whenever I start some task, and do my best but leave the result to Allah because I have faith in Allah and hope for the best result. And this thing significantly changes your attitude, trust me.

Now, optimism purely relies upon yourself and does not relate to your faith. So, you could not say that optimism is more important than hoping to become successful in life. Both link to your attitude. And, if you are still confused about why I am differentiating these two terms. Because by hoping you expect both positive and negative results but in optimism, you only seek positive outcomes. That’s why I said optimism is more important to win.

Critics are always ready to pull your leg. And, I find this thing very ironic about the critics that they will have zero knowledge about anything, but their confidence to criticize that thing is limitless. Even though you are just making up your mind to do some task, on the other hand, the critics have some superpower that they are always ready to spit their rotten words to criticize that act. I also want to clarify that criticism is of two types. One is constructive criticism and the other is destructive criticism. Previously I was talking about the people who pass fierce criticism. This means that they will not even have any knowledge, but their confidence to talk shit about that thing is beyond limits. Now, talking about the other type of criticism, i.e Constructive criticism, which is healthy and advantageous because it points out genuine flaws in that activity and allows you to filter your activity more finely. I respect that type of criticism; it teaches you many things and plays an essential role in developing a positive attitude. So, you must appreciate those critics; they are your well-wishers, and those people aid in building you up.

I consider that person the most successful person with an attitude to learn from failures. You must have heard the famous phrase, “Failure is the first step toward success .”If you are not failing, you are not growing or becoming successful. Failures make you strong; failures develop a winning attitude in yourself. And, I realize that the soul of a motivational speaker has entered my body. But, jokes apart, failure is the most crucial action which happens to you, but you should never worry about it. Always take your failures as your guide and learn from your mistakes.

I will again link this to hope and optimism. Failure should not matter to you if you are a person of faith. Because you were already expecting both negativity and positivity. And, if you are optimistic, then failure also doesn’t matter to you because bright people never look at son darker side. They can find happiness even if they are homeless or living a low-profile life. So, failure can do no harm to them.

Even though I am no scientist, I will be a bit scientific. Each and everything around us is a form of energy. We as a person also consist of energy and constantly release and gain power. Because we are made of cells and cells, they contain electrons, and electrons are energy packets. So, in short, we all exist as energy. And, we are absorbing and radiating that energy. Now, suppose a hypothetical situation. You are full of positivity, and you are releasing positive energy, and you are going to meet your friends, and you also know that they always talk badly or talk about negative aspects of life only. Now, you are going there to meet those friends who are radiating negative energy. And, you are the only person who radiates positive energy. But with time, you will release your positive energy and gain negative energy. And when you return to your place after spending an hour or two, you are also now one of them. That means full of negative thoughts. That’s why we should select our company very wisely. Don’t worry; I will not leave you here with negative energy. Now, consider another hypothetical situation where all your friends keep a healthy and positive mind and constructively. Now, if you spend time with them, you will feel better, become more optimistic, and develop a more positive attitude, which we call her winning attitude.

Every person on this Earth is not living a perfect life. Even the wealthiest person on Earth has shortcomings. So, do not make excuses for your shortcomings; try to act smart. Intelligent people never allow their shortcomings to be a hurdle in their life. 

I will talk about the mindset at the end of the text because this is the first step to developing a winning attitude. That is why I am writing this at the end, so you should know this is where the game start and finishes. Once you have decided to perform any activity and have a clear view of what you are about to do. No power can stop you.

Let me tell you, making up your mind is the first and most challenging step. Consider it with real-life examples: some people must be planning to start the gym or daily exercise, diet, or start praying, but you cannot do so. This is because you have not up your mind until now. You are bluffing your own mind.

Clarify your thoughts, make up your mind, build a map to follow, and start your journey. Success is waiting for you at the end.

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